Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Another awesome trip wonderful world of Havasu
Falls.  This time I have the privilage of hiking with a really nice couple that I know from a Rim2Rim backpack trip last year.             

Here is a pic of our good friend David.  He is getting a new horse "saddle broke".

For our layover day, we had a nice time exploring Fern Canyon. 

Waiting for the traffic jam on the steep trail down Mooney Falls to clear up.  It really pays to have patience.

The cottonwoods are fully leafed out and provide much appreciated shade for one of the new picnic tables.

The folks on the trip were really into hiking, so we got to explore alot!  After lunch, we make our way up to New Navajo Falls.
It is amazing to see how these new falls are evolving into a more mature ecosystem.

A great big thanks to Tom and Karen for coming on another Four Season Guided adventure.  It was great to see you guys, again, and get to know you better. 

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