Sunday, July 28, 2013

Monsoons and Mountain Bikes

Mute and Horn out singlespeedin'

Summer rains are here and the trails are spectacular.  
Horn's carving it up!!!
The singletrack is moist and ripe with line-gripping traction.  

The guys and I have been hitting the Paradise Trails pretty regularly.  Heck, we even got ole Joe Murray to come out for some Rocky Ridge action.  However, I am off the bike for a bit with some bruised ribs.  A crumpling mid-air collision with Ponderosa Pine.
Here comes
Epicrider gets RAD!!!
Go Mute

Panorama of Rocky Ridge Trailhead

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Press-Bot Coffee Press by Canyon Coffee

Hey all, here is an old review of the Press-Bot coffee press  Press-Bot Coffee Press.   Check it out!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Grand Canyon Day Hike For Summer Break

Breathtaking View From Cedar Ridge, South Kaibab Trail -Grand Canyon National Park
O'neill Butte -Grand Canyon National Park  
Now that summer break is in full swing, we are getting lots of great families visiting.  It is so much fun to see the kids getting excited about experiencing the Grand Canyon.
View from the South Kaibab Trail -Grand Canyon National Park  

Up through "The Chimney" on the South Kaibab Trail -Grand Canyon National Park

Family Fun Hike Up Mount Eldon

Junction of Heart Trail and Sunset Trail, Flagstaff Arizona

Ryanne and Eagan taking a Break.
 Now that things are getting so hot in the Grand Canyon, We are heading to higher elevations to cool off.  Here are some pics from our hike up on Mount Eldon.
Eagan is on the move!
View of the San Francisco Peaks from Sunset Trail 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bright Angel Loop

 Sharing a drink with the locals!
 Squirrels just being squirrels.
Century Plants standing guard, on the Redwall.
 The view from Skeleton again , why do they call it Skeleton Point

 When you look up, from focusing on your footwork, this is what you see.
And finally, the river comes into view!!!

Guide Ryanne

She still has that guiding thing down!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Paria River Canyon

We had an excellent backpacking tour of the Paria Canyon.  The group was well prepared.  All their hard training really paid off in making the trip so much more fun!!!  The journey has modest beginnings, a wide sandy wash.  However, the canyon walls begin growing taller and taller.  The canyon narrows.  The light is more subdued.  We set camp near the the confluence of Buckskin Gulch.  This allows some time to explore a bit of the world's longest slot canyon.

The next couple of days are spent ambling with the rivers flow, exploring rincons and arches.  Camp is on forested benches, high above the flood plain.  Breaks in the canopy allow for the type of star-gazing that makes you say "WOW." 

The last couple of days are my favorite.  The Paria River makes a bend towards the mighty Colorado River and the view simply explodes in front of you.  Vermilion Cliffs provide a dramatic frame to an indescribable beauty.  We camp under ancient cottonwood trees, near a historic pioneer homestead site.

An easy five miles and we arrive at the Lonely Dell Ranch.  Lunch is spent watching river rafters prepare for their launch at Lee's Ferry.  "Grand Canyon" sandwiches are what's in order.