Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Trip To An Oregon Shipwreck

While on a family trip to Oregon, we took a trip to the Coast to see the famous Peter Iredale shipwreck.  I remember seeing it, as a kid.  So, I was really interested to find out what it looks like after forty years.

On our way to the coast, we stopped off at the Jewell Meadows Elk Sanctuary.  The boys had a blast seeing all the big, antlered bull elk.

Eagan Ford spends some time sitting on a fence rail watching the elk go by.

While at the elk sanctuary I noticed this super tiny mushroom, growing on a mossy tree.  The mushroom cap was approximately 2 mm wide.
Micro Mushroom

What a rarity to have a sunny day on the Oregon Coast.  Here is a view to the south.
Looking down the beach.  Sunny days, Hurray!!!

Queen of the Mountain
My beautiful wife, Ryanne Sebern, climbs to the top of a nearby sand dune.
Here is our first view of the Peter Iredale shipwreck.
Remnants of a once mighty ship, the Peter Iredale.  Foundered off the Oregon Coast.

Here is a perspective picture to show just how big this ship was.
The Peter Iredale, bow to stern

Vintage picture of the Peter Iredale, shortly after the wreck.

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