Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Well, maybe not really laughing at the sun, maybe we will call it "agressively managing the sun".  High heat equals higher risk.  The trip is two nights at the world famous Phantom Ranch backpacker dorms.  The people on the trip are two sisters, from the mid-Antlantic, and a super active retired couple with their jet-setter amiga.  Because of the higher temps, Four Season Guides sent two guides along to ensure that this adventure was safe, fun, and successful.
Here is the view down the "chimney" of the South Kaibab trail.  It is early, shady, and coool

Looking off at O'neal Butte and the North Rim from Ooh-Ahh Point.  The day is perfect.

                                                                                                        I think this is a great shot of Dave, of the much appreciated DAVE LOGAN BAND, leading the group through the Muav Limestone.  The day is starting to heat up and everyone is doing awesome.  The retired folks are fit and from Phoenix and the sisters trained and really prepared for the trip.  We are cruisin' right along.                                                                           

It is after lunch and well over a hundred degrees -true Grand Canyon heat.  Dave and I are armed with mister bottles and plenty of water to drench everyone and keep them cool.  Here we are looking down on the Black Bridge and some shady switch-backs, to get us down to the mighty Colorado River.  Everybody is stoked and smiling.  We are almost to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.          

For our layover day, we took a nice leisurely walk around the River Loop after breakfast to help loosen up the muscles.  Here are some mule deer browsing in front of the Rancher's Residents.

The wildflower this year are INCREDIBLE.  Here is yellow prickly pear showing it's full pride.

For the hike out day, we are up and at 'em pretty early.  This is one of my favorite views along the Bright Angel Trail.  Every layer in the Grand Canyon can be seen from this vantage point.  You can find it along the infamous Devil's Corkscrew.

We just had second breakfast at Indian Gardens -bagels with PBnJ and cream cheese and walnuts.  YUM.  The thermometer is reading 115f in the sun and everyone is taking good care of themselves and having a great time.   

This pic is taken from the 3-mile Resthouse, looking up at the "hour glass".

We rim out around two and make our way to the Backcountry Office for some Four Season Grand Canyon Sandwiches.  A great day of Grand Canyon hiking.  Everyone trained, took care of themselves by eating and drinking while on the trail, and had a super awesome experience.  I thank everyone that came on the trip -especially the sisters, who could always be counted on to have good humor and a positive outlook on everything.  Thanks a bunch.

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  1. Just saw this post. Brian, you and Dave were awesome! Thanks to you and the great company of our other travelers, my sister Linda and I had the trip of a lifetime! Was just looking at the Four Seasons website to figure out a trip for my husband, daughter, and me. Thinking Havasu Falls. Can't wait to come back.