Tuesday, August 20, 2013

That Salida Riding

We had a great visit in Salida.  Ryanne was there to show her jewelry creations.  Jed, Wes, and I got a chance to sample some of the local singletrack.  Mmmmm, tasty.  We rode a bit of the Monarch Crest Trail and Foose Creek.

Pre-flight check
Colorado Trail
Jed says "hi"

Inspecting the drop into Foose Creek

Dang, that boy can ride!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Rains

All the recent rains have been washing the mountains clean.  We got about fifty feet into our walk and found this sweet little bird point, right in the middle of the trail.  Eagan was super stoked to be splashing around in the creeks.  A couple of hundred yards further, I reach into the flowing water and pull out this cool limestone point.  It was the same style as the bird point, only much larger.
Obsidian Bird Point
There is a maniac on the loose!

Chert Point