Saturday, April 23, 2016

Trip To Clear Creak -Grand Canyon National Park

A few years ago, we had a fantastic Grand Canyon backpacking trip.  We spent seven days exploring the Clear Creek area.  The group was strong and experienced.  We had hiked with them many times before.
Ed and I take a moment to view Zoroaster Temple.  The Brittlebush blooms were amazing.  Our most experience team member, Ginger (who helped build the Deer Creek Trail), called the Brittlebush an exotic native, and that was edging it's way into the Grand Canyon from the Mohave side.
Almost to Sumner Wash.  Here are the troops:  Mike, Jim, Gary, and Ginger. 
 After nine long, Grand Canyon miles, we are finally looking down into the Clear Creek Canyon.  
You can see the deep green of the Fremont Cottonwood Trees, waaayy down in the canyon bottom.  When you see Cottonwoods in the desert, you know there is water there.
The hillsides are painted yellow with the best Brittle Bush bloom that I have ever seen.
This is a text-book example of fossilized mud-cracks. Thanks for being our 'hand model', Ed.

On our layover day, we bushwhacked up to Cheyava Falls.
  Cheyava is a Hopi word for 'on again-off again', describing the intermittent nature of this waterfall.
Pouring out of a vast cavern system, deep within the Redwall Limestone, Cheyava's 800' drop makes it the Grand Canyon's tallest waterfall.
 Signs of ancient life.  These Ancestral Puebloan granaries are a highlight of the hike to Cheyava.
Nestled high up on the cliff side, granaries were a way the ancient ones ensured themselves seeds for the next years crop. 
WHOA,,,, who is this Canyon Beauty.... oh, it's my lovely wife, Ryanne Sebern.
Gary Dawson is ecstatic to look out over the South Kaibab Trail, Boat Beach, and Phantom Ranch.
Hi Gary Dawson.  I miss you, friend.


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