Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bonsai Route to Utah Flats -Grand Canyon National Park

On a recent backpacking trip to Phantom Ranch (Grand Canyon National Park), my lovely wife, Ryanne, suggested we make a day-hike up the Bonsai Route
Our goal was to explore the Utah Flats area.
A bird's eye view of Phantom Ranch
Hiking up the Bonsai Route, looking down at Bright Angel Campground

Taking a break at the hard shade ledge.  Angel's Gate in the distance

Looking up at Piano Alley, from the saddle.

Looking down through Piano Alley.  The Colorado River looks so small from here.

Grand Canyon selfie taken on Utah Flats.

Here is a sweet little point that I found.  Maybe you will find it, too.

You can see the Clear Creek Trail, on the left, and the South Kaibab Trail, on the right.  In between is the Colorado River.

They call it Utah Flats because the barren, red rock landscape resembles some Utah Canyons.  Zoroaster Temple peaks over the shoulder of Sumner Butte, seen here across the Bright Angel Canyon.  

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