Monday, April 18, 2016

Mohave Camping

This place was so great that my wife, Ryanne Sebern, made me promise not to disclose the exact location.  Our hidden paradise was just north of Laughlin, on the way to Las Vegas.  It was Mohave camping at is best.

Here is Ryanne hauling our gear into the desert wilderness.
We wanted to give the boys a "back packing" experience, so we hiked about a quarter mile in from the road.  Our secluded camp was tucked in among some granite domes.    
Orin and I are heading  back to camp, after a bit of exploring.
Orin peaking out of a hueco cave.
The granite domes had weathered, hueco caves that were fun to explore.  
Peaking out of hueco cave, with Orin.
How to make great camp coffee!
We like to start our mornings right.  Fresh Brewed Coffee.
This pottery was found in a shaded hueco.
While out hiking, we found a bunch of pottery and many lithos sites.
This piece of fossilized palm wood showed signs of being worked.

Our afternoons were spent napping and playing cards in the shade.

All play makes for tired boys.
Of course, you have to have cold beer.  Hauling a Canyon Cooler a quarter mile to camp is way worth it. 

Eagan and I found these neat water catchments, that were built high up in the rocks.
The rock was fun and easy to climb.

These globemallows were glowing with back-light.
Everywhere you looked, the wild flowers were exploding with colors.

Ryanne Sebern, backcountry kid-carrier, at your service.          

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