Thursday, October 17, 2013

Press-Bot Kickstarter Project update

               !!!GREAT NEWS!!!!  

Due the amazing response to the Press-Bot's Kickstarter Project, Canyon Coffee is able to award backers with even higher quality rewards.

The Nalgene Bottles will be custom silk-screened with the official logo, volume metrics, and the 'BPA free' symbol.  That's right, we are not just slappin' some sticker on there.

Flagstaff's own 'Late for the Train' coffee roasters will be the our supplier of beans.  We are working with these "master of coffee" to find the most optimum grind and measure for the best 'bot' of coffee.  Be on the lookout for "North Rim Roast", "the Boatman's Blend", and "North Rim Decaf". 

Enjoy your day and do good things,

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