Friday, March 16, 2012


First trip back into Havasu Falls was AWESOME.  The family I took down there was so fun to hang out with. Mom, dad, and two boys -ages 10 and 12.  We got to explore down around Mooney Falls and swim around in the water there.  The boys got really fired up to check out the old mines in the area. 

WI had heard that the tribe had raised the permit fees by a considerable amount. So, I was really interested to see what changes had been made in the campground and to find out what our camp was looking like this year. 
Well, Dave, Scott, and the rest of the guys did an incredible job of setting up our campsite.  It is BY FAR the nicest spost down in the campground.  And to give the tribe credit, they have been working super hard on cleaning up the area, putting up new signs, and MOST IMPORTANT of all, they have really been keeping the bathrooms clean!

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